Quick-Cam Click here for Kings Creek Falls at Lassen


Sara and Joe provide the music for a picture history of our family. The music and many of the photos were inspired by the Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada. Slide number 10 (approximately) is a photo of Phil & Photographer Steve Chandler. Steve and Phil first went out to the Black Rock and Smoke Creek Deserts about 20 years ago...or so. Ana, Joe and Sara have been out there many times during the last 20 years.

The setting for the music was the Blue Sky Room in Dunsmuir, where Joe and Sara were playing.

The little movie below is Phil at the California State Fair. He was a judge for the Industrial Arts (silk-screen) entries for many years. He also demonstrated his technique at the Fair. On the wall behind him in the film is the three-piece silk screen he did for the 20th Anniversary of the San Francisco Marathon (client: International Management Group).