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Notecards from the 70's

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Miss Moshe

Miss Moshe

Rainbow Butterflies

Wyoming Sunset


Wyoming Sunset

Bob Loomis Hiaku
Bob Loomis Haiku

Haiku by Bob Loomis

Haiku by Bob Loomis

Phil Dynan Art

Funky House

Magic Unicorn


Land of Broken Rainbows

Big Barn



Featured Image:

"Wyoming Sunset"

Phil Dynan Art

First Image to sell one million

Inspired by a sunset in Wyoming, first published in 1969, edited and re-worked in 1978 (without the rainbow),

then republished in 1979 with the rainbow. By 1982 this image had been published in many forms and surpassed one million sales.

Order this set of retro designs

(1 notecard each of the ten designs - $ 25)






Notecards are boxed or come individually wrapped. They make great gifts.

Dreams, events, people, pets, landsacapes and fantasy merge into these abstract pieces. Some are related to the July 7th bombing in the London Underground, others relate only to dreams, and still some seem to have a message.

Pathways to the Heart is a series I have been working on over the last 15 years.

Colour ties them together. And execution: acrylic on canvas. July 7 series are the latest paintings. Wyoming Sunset is the oldest.

Giclee Prints (archival inks and paper)and Notecards are available. Prices start at $3.50. Originals may be available - see specific image page.









The New Plein Air by Phil Dynan

"The New Plein Air" by Phil Dynan includes 32 pages of full colour illustrations. Both the technique and descriptions of the locations are included, as well as explanations for this revolutionary and fresh approach to "open air" painting.

To purchase, click here.