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Ana & Phil

The first person I would like to mention is Ana Nelson,who is my best friend and partner. I met Ana ten years ago at the opening of an exhibit of my work in Davis, California. She was working at the gallery at that time. We were married after a couple years of dating

Ana is an fine artist. You will also see her illustrations and paintings all over our website.

Joe & Sara

My children are seen here on our trip to Paris. (Joseph is now 21 and Sara 23.) Sara recently graduated from university. Joe is in college. Both are talented in art, music and both are athletic.

Joseph loves playing the guitar, drums and piano. Sara is a talented song writer and musician. They have done some gigs together (Blue Sky Room, Dunsmuir) and Sara oftens plays solo at clubs on the Coast.

Vulcan, ALbertaThe three of us at a Star Trek convention in Vulcan, Alberta.

More recently: Sara Sara with small follower.

Joe-highschool graduation Joe graduates from Highlands High Joe and Sara goofing around

Lissa Ana's sister, Lissa, with Frida

Sian Ana's Mom, SianBrendan Her brother, Brendan

My Dad with Joseph and myself My Dad with me and my brother, Joe

Denise comes home Mark, Phil and Joe are curious about the new baby, Denise


Joseph Joseph with his Jetta.

Ruthe Thompson & Joseph Dynan Ruthe (Sara and Joe's mom) with Joe at the cabin he built in Red Bluff.

There have been several people in my life as an Artist, who have been consistently supportive of my
"artist's" lifestyle and of my work. My mother, Rosanell "Toni" Dynan has actually sold my work into
various businesses at times; mon oncle, Joseph "Jed" Dynan

Joseph "Jed" Dynan, Associated Press Writer

Joseph "Jed" Dynan ( the Associated Press Correspondent), who gave me my first paint set;

Milo in FranceMilo Marks (pictured left), was one of the owners of Sacramento Steel Supply, a fellow runner, and a steadfast friend. He purchased my work for his buiness and friends and was always supportive in every way of my life as an artist - even though it was very much the opposite of his own lifestyle. He died two years ago and I have had a difficult time processing the loss of my close friend.

Arnie Gatton

Arnie Gatton of Keokuk, Iowa, himself an artist, has also been supportive in buying and promoting my work.

Bill Yoskowitz & Peggy Grey Bill and Peggy Yoskowitz(Chico) have been terrifically supportive over the last 25 years.

Diana Atkins & Sara Diana Atkins (Utah) is someone who has helped me greatly, financially and by buying and
promoting my work. Another very supportive person is Jan Webb, my "Best Customer" and friend, who has collected
my work and been supportive in other ways.

Phil with Milo at CIM Milo running in Rocklin with Phil and Diana

This picture (above) is Milo and myself at the California International Marathon (the second picture is Milo
on Taylor Road near Roseville - after just finishing a 12 mile run with myself and Diana Atkins). Milo passed
away on June 27, 2005. His daughters, Carley and Allison and his wife, Patti, had given him love and support
during a very short bout with cancer.
Milo and I met as the result of a classified ad in placed in the newspaper -" LOOKING FOR RUNNING PARTNER"
- we both lived in Auburn and became friends through running. Milo was in the absolute best of physical
conditioning - right up to the time he died. I shared a lot of life with Milo over some twenty-odd years.
We ran marathons together (though he wasn't big on "races"); trained in the mountains near Colfax
(his home); and travelled to France and the UK together. I stood by him when his brother died, later when his
mother died. I watched his daughters grow up and saw the pride and love he had for them. I was his friend
when he went through a painful divorce and later when he happily remarried. Milo once helped my business
with a loan - and wouldn't take any interest payment when I paid him back. Later, he helped me buy our first
home - in fact, I probably would have never owned a home, if it hadn't been for his help. He was a huge part
of my life fabric and I will always miss him. Someone read this entry about a year after Milo had died and wrote
to tell me that "Milo wasn't the "saint" that I made him out to be." I thought that was a very insensitive thing to
write. Thinking about it, she was dead wrong. Milo was a terrific son, father, husband, and friend. I judge people
based on what I observe first hand. I spent a lot of time with Milo, in many types of situations over 20+ years.
He was one of the finest people I have ever met.

Estella Cheatham NeNe  with Joe and SaraThere are two other people in my life who have gone beyond the "normal" limits of love and understanding. My grandmother, Estella Cheatham, who passed away a few years ago was one of those people. She
supported me in every way possible - from loaning me her apartment to promoting my work, to listening to me when I was
depressed, to caring about those people that I care about simply because I cared about them. She was an extraordinary
friend, relative and person in her own right. She was one of the very few people that I have known who knew how to give
"unconditional love".

Jeannette Nelson Jeannette Nelson in Monterey, California Jeannette and her Mum in Spain

The other person who has consistently, over many years, been supportive in multiple ways, is Jeannette Nelson.
Jeannette has given of herself in so many ways that I would have a hard time ennumerating them. She has displayed
and promoted my work, given me a place to work at times, been kind to those I care about and she is communicative
and supportive and "understanding"of my "lifestyle" - no small effort. Jeannette teaches "Theatre Appreciation" in
London. Here is a picture of her flat-where I am working

Working at Jeannette's

The upper photo was taken at Jeannette's friend's (Ken Thomas) flat in Watford. That's Joseph between Ken and myself. The second picture is by Ken, of me and Jeannette in Monterey,
California. I can still taste the roasted garlic we bought just before this picture was taken!
The third picture is Jeannette and her mum, picture from 2004 at Ken & Jeannette's house in Denia, Spain.

Mark and Denise Mark-Laura and Alex

When I was growing up I had a brother, Joseph Lee, who was a fine musician. Then, after a substantial gap in time,
my parents gave birth to two more children, Mark James and Denise Ann. I am not as close to them as I would like
to be (I joined the Army at seventeen-and left home when they were quite small) but, nonetheless, we enjoy each
other's company and visit when we can. Denise is retired from the California Highway Patrol. She has two children - Matt and Danielle.
Mark is a lawyer in Tacoma, Washington. He has visited recently with his son, Alex and his daughter, Laura.

Rosanell Dynan, Joseph Dynan, Denise, Mark  and Phil Dynan

In this photo, from right to left is my brother, Joe Lee; brother Mark, sis Denise, me just before going into the Army,
and Mom. The car in the picture was my first vehicle, a 1946 Crosley ($150) which got about 50 m.p.g. and is now
in a museum. (That camera Mom is holding is probably in a museum too.....)

Phil and "Toni" Dynan

Pictured here are my parents, Phil and Toni. This shot was taken on Mother's Day in Fairfield, California. (Ana took the picture, while a stray
cat ate our picnic lunch unbeknownst to us.) My mom died in 2002 and is much missed. My father spent a great part of his life coaching,
teaching and promoting sports. He worked for Central Collegiate (Saskatchewan), St. Louis University, the University of Kansas, the
Sacramento Spirits, and Western Illinois University among other places. He has a place in the Football Hall of Fame for the public relations
work he has done. He is now "retired"and lives in Fairfield. Dad was 85 this year.


Larry & Phil running in Lassen Volcanic National Park Larry Osborne, Runners ID and Elephant Ideas

Larry Osborne - friend and business associate. This is the two of us running at Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park. Larry is one of the
few people from Sacramento to ever drive up to Red Bluff to visit our new home.

Fred Brooks, ultra marathoner

Fred Brooks is another friend from Sacramento who has visited...and he also helped dig the footings for our new studio. In this shot we
are running on the Western States Trail. A couple of years ago I "paced" Fred for a bit during the Western States 100 Mile Race.

Lalo Solache, Los Potrillos del Norte

Our friend and neighbor, Lalo Solache. My good friend, Lalo, lived across the street for the first few years we were here. He is now living
in Sacramento and playing music with his band, Los Potrillos del Norte.

Florence Florence Durney, Elizabeth, Max and Mary. Miss you all...

Jan Webb at Lassen Jann Webb visiting us and touring Lassen. We also are connected by our mutual love of art and time spent in Ethiopia.

The Kesslers Wayne and Laurie Kessler (their friend Shira in center). They also worked in Asmara in the 60's and again for seven years in the 90's. Now growing organic vegetables near Shingletown.

Rachel and Duncan Rachel (runner) and Duncan (Army) now back in the UK. Also mentioned in my book, Brother Eagle, Sister Moon. We met in Sacramento through the Buffalo Chips Running Club.

Beth Grossman Beth Grossman, a real working artist. We met at a gathering of artists in San Francisco. Beth, her husband (Stors) and son(Avi) have also come up to visit.

Kay and Kermit Kay and Kermit - here in Montana with Sara. Miss you two! They are retired from WIU, where I graduated.

Steve ChandlerPhotographer Steve Chandler. We've shared a lot - here we are in Austin, Nevada on an impromptu photo shoot.

Todd & KimTodd & Kim - RT Todd Alvarez - his wife, Kim and their two sons have been up to visit a couple of times from Folsom. Glad you are back from Iraq, Todd!

Cycling Group Max, Rochelle, Dresden and Ben from Chico - cycling their way to Oregon.

Rochelle Rochelle also organised a fund-raiser for an African dance troupe (and we donated art) - she is a most unusual person.

Marla Marla Ruzicka - you are remembered and missed much.

3 Dynans My brother Joe, my son, Joe and me

Jenn Jenn - in Woodland. Been way too long since I've seen her and her kids....we met at a writing class .

Bob Loomis Bob Loomis, journalist & runner. Bob and Bev Loomis (Concord) We worked together on the Vallejo Times-Herald and ran marathons together...Bob & Bev visited us here on the ranch not too long ago.

Jane SharvinaJane Sharvina, genius programmer & designer


James & DadJames & his Dad. James is a creative force (video, mostly) and good friend.

Kate Kate Prigent lives in Paris. I haven't seen her for years, but she was a great friend during a horrific period in my life. I lived in Paris for a year, working and visiting friends who were in prison at the time. Kate taught English and French.

Connie Chavez, Topeka, Kansas Connie Chavez, most missed friend from high school - Lawrence, Kansas

Marcella Marcella Dixon lives in Victoria, BC. Marcella and I were married for ten years and have remained good friends. I last saw her at the aeroport in Vancouver a couple years ago. Wish I saw more of her.

TomasaTomasa, our friend and neighbor (Lalo's mom) who died in the Spring of 2004. Not a day goes by that we don't remember her...the plants and flowers that she left surround us....and of course, she left us Lalo!

Mom My Mom

Asmara in 1967 In Asmara (1967) .Asmara Tennis Club The people of Asmara and greater Eritrea. The nicest -bar none - group of humans I've ever met.

Miss Moshe Miss Moshe. She was featured on my first published notecards in the 70's and was on one of the most popular cards I have ever designed. She helped me get off to a great start in publishing.

Lizzie Lizzie - our deaf cattle dog. A loving and loyal companion and running partner. She taught us ASL.


Frida Pelechine, Frida's PapaChili

My friend and constant companion, Frida. I first met her just after she was born at Lalo's and we've been together ever since.
She sleeps in my arm pit at night, sits by my feet while I work and travels with me to Redding for training runs. That's her papa in next photo - Pelechine, neighbor and companion. Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge June 2005.. The last photo is Frida and her mom, Chili.

Sparky Pelechine's brother, Sparky. Stolen. We miss you!