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Phil Dynan painting in Northern California studio

Working in his Northern California studio on a painting in memory of Marla Ruzicka. It is entitled "All Things Are Connected" and has been on loan for exhibit in Oakland, Chico and Red Bluff over the last 14 months.

Anastasia at work in the studio

Anastasia at work in the studio. The piece she is working on is "Golden Heart"

  Phil Dynan

Inspired by life in Eritrea, childhood memories of growing up in Saskatchewan, and the fact that his parents met and married while working at Hallmark, it is no surprise that Phil became an artist.

"Growing up in Saskatchewan, I often ran through the wheat fields near Regina and then sat down in the middle of a field to unload my mind by sketching.. It was a chance to think creatively and be free. Catholic school left me feeling as if I had no control over my own life, and running and drawing gave me spiritual outlets."

"Eritrea was only a short part of my young adulthood, but very important. I learned a lot about colour and a lot about life. It changed me forever," Phil says.

"The Running Artist" ran the length of the 2nd Congressional District (CA) in 2006. The 300 mile journey took two months and inspired his "Ranch Art".

In 2006 he also completed and published Brother Eagle, Sister Moon, a novel about an Iraqi family in the current war.

He is married to artist Anastasia Nelson and has two children - Joseph and Sara. Joseph is a musician and Sara teaches Creative Writing.

There are approximately 11 black cats living in the art studio...Miss Mika Moto (above) rules!


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