Serigrapher Phil Dynan Running art by Phil Dynan  
Painter, Serigrapher & Author


Currently working with Patrick Hughes on this 3D Sculpture:

Gallery Row





Siskiyou Arts Museum Exhibit, August 12-Oct. 7, 2017


Caffrey's in Ballina, County Mayo, Ireland


2017 Exhibits - Over Now

Liberty Arts

Main Street Gallery, Weaverville

Chico Art Center Exhibit Blue Line Gallery Exhibit

Chico, CA

Roseville, CA




2016 Exhibits:

Exhibit: Ninth Avenue Gallery, Chico

Read about it in the Chico Enterprise-Record

Ninth Avenue Gallery Exhibit - Phil Dynan


Main Street Gallery, Weaverville, CA

Main Street Gallery Exhibit, 2016

Phil Dynan and Anastasia Nelson painting an 80-foot mural in downtown Red Bluff, California

Phil & Ana in the News - DATE Magazine, July 2016 - click here

Phil & Ana in the News - ENJOY Magazine, May 2016 - click here


Yreka Exhibit - "Impressions" (group show for printmakers) at the Liberty Arts Gallery, Yreka, May 13-June 17 - includes the piece called "Love Letters with Ana and Felix (cat)" - it is part of a set, based on the relationship between the two artists who collaborated on these Serigrpahs - Anastasia Nelson and Phil Dynan. The second piece is "Love Letters with Phil and Mika Moto (cat)" "In our early relationship we collaborated on pieces shown on the wall in these two screen prints. We did the drawings together, Ana cut the film to make the serigraphs and Phil pulled the prints. The set depicts us writing to each other while Ana was living in Fair Oaks (CA) and Phil was working in London (UK)."

Love Letters by Anastasia Nelson and Phil Dynan

Love Letters by Anastasia Nelson and Phil Dynan


Book Covers - Phil Dynan

OLD AND NEW - Retro Art Cards featuring Rainbows from the Seventies and Haiku by Bob Loomis

Retro Art Card Set by Phil Dynan

Three Cypress by Phil Dynan

(Above) Latest painting by Phil "The Three Cypress" - Click here for notecards, prints and original painting.

(Below) "Pretty Cow" new painting by Phil & Ana

Pretty Cow by Phil Dynan & Ana Nelson

Click here to buy a print or notecards



(Below) Paintings by Phil & Ana are from their series "Electronica" (more info - see the whole series)

Executive Decision by Phil Dynan and Ana Nelson

(Above) Newly finished piece in the Electronica Series features Myunghye Kim, Creative Director at Paper Russells, llc. with her iPad and a favourite subject.. More here...

Painting of Buddha by Phil Dynan and Anastasia Nelson

(Above) The All Seeing Buddha

Text Kiss - painting by Phil Dynan and Anastasia Nelson

"Text Kiss"

Googled - painting by Phil Dynan & Ana Nelson

(Above) "Googling" based on a 1912 photo.

Electronic Series painting - Phil Dynan & Ana Nelson

(Above) "Double Decker" - an accident as it happned.

Electronica vs. Art Series of paintings by Phil Dynan

"Electronica vs. Art at the Tate Modern"

Painting by Phil Dynan and Anastasia Nelson

"MOCA Mocha" (info)

Camel Texting - painting by Phil Dynan and Anastasia Nelson 2013

"Camel Texting"

Commission Pet Art

NEW: Cats & Dogs in Art and Photos

New painting in the "dogs and cats" series: "Ella"

Ella - Painting by Phil Dynan and Anastasia Nelson


Cats in art and photos by Phil Dynan

Gift Idea!

The New Plein Air by Phil Dynan

Unique gift idea - the artist's book about this unique approach to "Plein Air" painting and an assortment of frameable notecards with some of the most popular designs from this new genre of work. Click here for details.

"Trudi Pratt" portrait by Phil Dynan & Anastasia Nelson

"Trudi" in our new series: "People We LIKE"

Running Art & Serigraphy

On this site you can purchase running art and serigraphy - or learn more about the art of serigraphy.

Phil Dynan has done art for events, including the Tour de France, The Coors Classic, the San Francisco Marathon, the San Diego Marathon, the Lake Tahoe Marathon, the LA Marathon, and many more. Just click here to see some.

A serigrapher for thirty years, the artist brings you his definitions and approach to serigraphy, as well as the history and examples of the art.

Be sure to visit the artist's newest work, Barnyard Animals and the "New Plein Air". You'll also find beautiful art/photo prints of Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park and Mt. Shasta in Northern California.


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Furlandia Pretty Cow

Barnyard Nosey Cow


Mt. Shasta

Running Art San Francisco Marathon
San Francisco Marathon Print
see more >

The Runners Poem
More Running Art
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Cats & DogsCats in Art and Photography

New Plein Air
willys in the desert

AbstractAll Things Are Connected


Ranch Art

Siskiyou Arts Museum Exhibit


(Above: "Electronica" Opening at the Siskiyou Arts Museum - June 13-Aug2)

(Below - Phil and Ana interviewing on PBS)

Phil Dynan and Anastasia Nelson interviewed for PBS

The Downtown Red Bluff Community Mural Project

(below) Ed & Phil at La Familia in Chico - Exhibit opened Feb 23 - There was a Reception on Saturday, March 8th (see second photo below)

Ed at La Familia in Chico


(below) Phil at Olive View Elementary School in Corning

Olive View Elementary


New in the Electronica Serieses

IMage that appears first: Slave Labour, a collaborative painting with Natalia Maks, Banksy , Phil Dynan & Anastasia Nelson. Rollover Image: F.R.E.D - A collaborative painting by Anastasia Nelson, Phil Dynan, Natalia Maks and Maria Onyegbule. More info? Click Here!

Phil Dynan in PBS studio before interview with Director looking at the art

Phil Dynan and Anaastasia Nelson on PBS